AAMS Auto Audio Mastering System V3 - Full Registration License

Common price: 65,00 € Our price: 65,00 € each

To make full use of all AAMS V3 Software Professional Features, you need a AAMS V3 Full User Registration License.
When you are a newcustomer this is your only option!
This license ensures the user a registration and a single license for all updates and features of AAMS Auto Audio Mastering System version V3.x.
After a confirmed payment, you are a Fully Registred and Licensed member of AAMS full featured software.

Afther payment is confirmed, we need your AAMS V3 Username and Installcode.
You can copy paste the AAMS Username abd Installcode and send it along the payment information or use the AAMS Contact Form.
Your can also send in your Username and Installcode found inside the AAMS software on the About page, by email.
In return you get the AAMS V3 Keycode for the computer you use AAMS.
And you are a registred user!

A AAMS V3 Full License Registration Code will be send to your provided user email adres.
We will send an email back to you with the correct Keycode for AAMS.
Then use AAMS V3 Registration on the AAMS V3 Software About tab and fill in your keycode.

When the shop does not work for you, ask for an invoice with our contact form.

(Please allow for PayPal to accept your payment and to receive a keycode for AAMS a maximum of 48 hours, mostly common is that for a payment to be made and a keycode is received there will be a delay of a few hours. Do not state a claim to paypal for this delay in the mean time)

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