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I bought this before the price was reduced to $65, and I still don't regret it. No problems installing it or running it. The good reference master set up takes some time, but once that's done it's pretty much 3 mouse clicks. I definitely recommend creating your own reference master by letting it analyze some songs that have sonic characteristics (dynamics, stereo field, tone, etc.) similar to what you want your songs to sound like. I've tried a few cheap mastering services, and I can get better results myself with a multiband compressor and parametric EQ. But if you do understand mastering (even if, like me, you're not particularly good at it), and you're going to be mastering more than a few songs, then AAMS can be an indispensable part of the toolkit. It takes 100% of the tedium out of the process (if you've ever used a multiband compressor but you aren't a professional mastering engineer, you probably know what I mean). First time I used it I was mixing a cheap demo for a band, asked 'em what bands they thought had killer production, they gave me a CD with the desired amount of thump and presence, I let AAMS analyze it, used that as the reference master, played them the result and they were like "demo my a**, that's a finished product". Obviously, if you're starting with a crappy mix there's only so much it can do (you can't polish a turd), but AAMS can make a good mix sound phenomenal.

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