The users that do want their music mixed or mastered by Aplus Audio Mastering Services should consider to use AAMS first. When you are in need of Aplus Audio Mastering Services by our Professionals, you can read about our excellent audio mixing and mastering services further here.

Aplus Audio Mastering Services

Welcome to APlus Audio Mastering Services! 
High quality audio mastering services with low prices.

The users that do want their music mixed or mastered with more needs then the AAMS program supplies directly, or users that want their mastering done by a human ear or just want more equipment or mastering tricks to be used, can visit our mastering services. But also be sure to rty out AAMS V3 first and only when your needs are not met, maybe consider your masterings to be done with the human factor in place, and you can supply us with the information about you want your sound to be like. You can consider mastering your audio by Aplus! When you are in need of Aplus Audio Mastering Services by our Professionals, you can read about our excellent audio mixing and mastering services further here.


AAMS Auto Audio Mastering System  For windows users we provide AAMS complete audio mastering software package for Audio Mastering, free of use. Process your Mix to a commercial great sounding Master.

AAMS Auto Audio Mastering System

For windows users we provide AAMS complete audio mastering software package for Audio Mastering, free of use. Process your Mix to a commercial great sounding Master. With AAMS you get a clean transfer of your mix to a good sounding master. AAMS will do this lifting up the mix, but trying to preserve the same sound. Therefore when your mix has a particular sound, AAMS will not hurt it but will only try to compare source and reference and apply that with mastering techniques available. That is great for most users who do their own mixing and creating the sound is mostly done at the mixing stage. AAMS improves the mix towards quality commercial levels for al kinds of musical styles.

Audio Mastering

Mastering is audio post production, is the process of preparing and transferring recorded audio containing the final mix towards a data storage device the master. From which all copies will be produced via methods such as pressing, duplication or replication. Mastering is a crucial gateway between production and consumption and. It involves technical knowledge as well as specific aesthetics.Results still depend upon the accuracy of speaker monitors and the listening environment. Mastering engineers may also need to apply corrective equalization and dynamic compression in order to optimise sound translation on all playback systems. It is standard practice to make a copy of a master recording, known as a safety copy, in case the master is lost, damaged or stolen.

Welcome to APlus Audio Mastering Services!

High quality audio mastering services with low prices.

We maximize your audio material to clear crisp audio mastered versions. Giving detail, clarity, definition, warm low end punch, stereo depth and prisitine sound using Analog and Digital equipment. Audio Mastering is most important part of the audio chain and we give your sound high definition and clarity. Every single track and every song of your album collection wil sound complete next to each other, with taking care from start to end. Ready for distribution and radio. That is what Aplus Audio Mastering Services stands for, excellence! Your audio material or mixes will become an adequate to commercial radio, CD or MP4/MP3 streaming services, just to fit in correctly. We do not attend the Loudness War, you need appropiate levels and professional quality!

Aplus Mastering will make single tracks or songs stand out in excellence.
Aplus Mastering will make your whole Album Sound perfect and give it togetherness.
Aplus Mastering will create a professional sound for all of you.

We make your music shine!

Supply us with your audio material, mixed down to stereo in one of the formats below.

We prefer to accept the following formats:

- Uncompressed Audio  : Wav, Aiff.
- Lossless Audio  : MP4, Flac, WAVpack, Monkey Audio, ALAC, etc.
- Lossy Audio   : MP3, AAC, WMA (> 192 Kbps).

Sending or submit your mixes to Aplus Mastering over the Internet or post, from yours to us and get it back in no time. 
Upload your final mix with our easy to use upload system. 

Goto the 'Shop' and decide what option you need :

- For single audio track mastering, choose Single Track.
- For multiple tracks that need mastered as single tracks, choose Multiple Tracks.
- Finally when you have multiple tracks that need to be sounding as an album, choose Full Album.

Instructions will follow afther you have chosen. 

On your own User Account page, you can sign up for your account. Or go directly to our Shop and chose. Then Upload your songs / tracks with our easy webbased upload system. We will send you back a mastered sample of your song, if you do not pay upfront. When you have paid and accept the our high quality masterings when we are finished with your content, we will send you an email and place all mastered song / tracks on your personal w web account. And you can download the finished product from your own user directory!

Before you send off all your Stereo Mixes to Aplus Mastering Engineers to get Mastered, Check the Mix! 

There are a number of audio mixing and editting tips that will help you prepare your mixes before submitting to Aplus Audio Mastering studio.
It is important to know how to prepare your mix, so you can get the best sound for your songs!
When quality is at stake, be sure to read this page and spend some time to get your mixes right.


Audio mastering is a process that stands far from mixing, it is the next stage afther mixing and it is the final stage for sound quality. Actually while mixing we do not attend the loudness much, we mix. What everybody is thinking of 'How to get our mix sound loud'! That is what Aplus Audio Mastering stands for, most likely preferred that your mix will become an adequate to commercial radio, CD or MP3 streaming levels, just to fit in correctly. We do not attend the Loudness War, but we need appropiate levels and professional quality. Also when Mastering a Full Album, Aplus Mastering will make the whole Album Sound as an Album. We name it 'the album sound'. So Aplus Mastering can do single tracks as well as full albums, and create a good quality professional sound for you. But however, mixing is an important stage before Aplus Mastering can be done. So we ask you to attend some time and thought before sending your mixes to Aplus Mastering Engineers.

Check, Check, Double Check!

0. You should do these mix check steps before you plan to hand your project to our Aplus Mastering Engineer.
1. Eliminate any noise or pops that may be in each single track. Apply fades or cuts or mutes to spots containing recorded noise, pops or clicks.  
2. Keep Your Mix Clean And Dynamic. Unless there is a specific sound you need, do not put compressing or processing on the master out of the mixing bus. It is best to keep the master buss free of outboard processing or plugins. Dont add any processing to the overall mix, just to individual channels.There should never be a limiter or loudness maximiser set on the master out mix bus!
3. The loudest part in a mix should peak at no more that -3db on the master bus, leaving headroom. It does not matter How Loud your mix sounds at this time, mixing means mixing.

4. Does your mix Work In Mono? As a final reality check, switch the master buss output to mono and make sure that there is no weakening or thinning out of the sound. In any event, do not forget to switch the bussing back to stereo afther this check.
5. Only when a mix is completed and finished off, and your are happy with the overall mixing sound and quality, then the next fase is Aplus Mastering to do their work. 
6. Normalising a track is not necessarily a good idea.
7. Dont add any fades or crossfades, anywhere. Dont fade beginning or end.
8. Do not dither individual mixes.
9. You can output the mix on a stereo track before sending to Aplus Mastering, save your mix in Stereo. Use a lossless format! Using digital equipment Wav 32Bit Float Stereo is a good output format.
10. Do not try to output your mix to a mp3 file, this can mean loss of information! If you do want to send in MP3 files, be sure they are of quality, prefer a bitrate higher than > 192kbps, 320kbps is quite good. 
11. Export your mix out of your sequencer or audio setup in a correct and quality unharming format;
12. Finally, always back up your original mixed files! If the song is later remastered for any reason for a re-release, a compilation or for use in any other context you will want a mix thats as easy to remaster as possible.

13. Submitting reference tracks or example songs alongside your mix submission that have a similar sound desired is for a good point of view how your music must sound. Giving Aplus Audio Mastering Engineers an idea of your musical vision. This could be a reference to bands who inspire you or have a similar sound that you like.
14. Put all your files of a single mix (the stereo file, reference songs, text documents or pictures or any file that you need to send) in one single directory.
15. Use a packing program like ZIP, RAR, 7z and pack all files in that directory to one single packed file. Name this file correctly, preferably the track number and name of the track.
16. Now you can send your mix files to Aplus Audio Mastering Services!


Mastering Stems

Mastering from stems is becoming little by little more common practice. This is where the mix is consolidated into a number of stereo stems subgroups to be submitted individually. Instead of submitting a Stereo output of your mix, you can send the mixing tracks seperately.  For example you might have different tracks for Drums, Bass, Keys, Guitars, Vocal, and Background Vocals. This will give Aplus Mastering more control over the mix and master. If a master from stems is desired, following the same steps listed above is best for each stem. When submitting stems each file track must start at the beginning and must durate though the end, most mixing sequencers will output this way exactly to the sample. Each stem file should be exactly the same length. 

We master all Musical Styles :

- Accoustic
- Amine
- Blues
- Commercials
- Classical Music
- Chrildrens Music
- Holiday, Christmass
- Conferences
- Country Music
- Disco
- Dubstep
- Easy Listening
- Electronic Music
- Fusion
- Folk Music
- Funk
- Gospel, Inspirational
- Hardrock
- Heavy Metal
- House, EDM, Electro, Trance, etc.
- Industrial
- Instrumental
- Karaoke
- Live Performances
- New Wave, New Age
- Rap
- Opera
- Pop Music
- Reggae
- R&B
- Rock
- Singer Songwriter
- Soundtrack
- Soul
- Latin, Spanish
- Trance Music
- TV Themes
- Vocal
- World Music

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