Welcome to AAMS, the introduction towards Automatic Audio Mastering! Get your music to sound good without a hassle with AAMS V3! As a musician or engineer working on music, you need the best sound possible when releasing material to the public. To audio master a mix towards a professional commercial quality recording and to create a sound for all audio speaker systems is a difficult and time consuming task. This is where AAMS steps in and takes control! Process any kind of music or audio, process your own music or mixes. AAMS is windows software for Fully Automatic Audio Mastering. Featuring 100 Band Equalizer, 8 Multiband Tube Compression, Balancing and Loudness settings for internal DSP Processing with all audio corrections automaticly done purely inside the AAMS Program. Now you can listen to what you expect! Create your own sound and be in full control with AAMS V3 Professional Version!


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I came across this mastering software by chance. And its one of the best things i have ever done. Cheap mastering at high quality. I sent over two tunes and thought the sound was to good too be true. Left my tracks sounding crisp and crystal clear. Money well spent for sure. I will be using AAMS and returning time and time again.

Raymond Gerths

AAMS Auto Audio Mastering System V3

Freeware to Download, with high encouragement to Register.

Registration ensures users to have all functions and options opened, having full control! 
The price of AAMS V3 Registered (Pro) is 65 Euro or about 75 Dollars.

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Some Audio Examples over here Below! Press play to hear or the arrow to download the audio.

Download Name Play Size Duration
download AAMS - Audio Mastering Showcase
AAMS Auto Audio Mastering System

32.2 MB 23:27 min
download AAMS - Starter Video
AAMS Auto Audio Mastering System

3.1 MB 4:14 min
download AAMS - Advanced Reference
AAMS Auto Audio Mastering System

25.1 MB 26:33 min



AAMS V3 - Video Tutorials Page

AAMS V3 promotional and tutorials / demonstration Video's. Learn to use AAMS features step-by-step or hear audio that has been mastered with AAMS. Learn to do Audio Mastering with AAMS easy and fast for yourself! Learn how to create your own sound!


AAMS V3 - Audio Mastering Examples Page

AAMS Mastered Audio Files! The original audio files where not changed and are as found. These audio examples are mastered with AAMS Auto Audio Mastering System, Everything is done automatically and the audio files where not altered in any way or fashion.

AAMS V3 - Download Now!

Download AAMS Auto Audio Mastering System V3 Version for Windows! Automatically Audio Master any audio file and hear your music with sound mastered to commercial audio quality! AAMS is easy to install and is easy to use! Download Now!

->> AAMS V3 - Introduction Manual <<-- 

Here you can find and read all information about AAMS. In the First Start section you can read how easy it is to audio master your audio tracks with AAMS!  How to create your own Sound!  All with just a few button clicks. Now you can listen what you expect!

AAMS V3 - Screenshots Page

AAMS V3 Screenshots will show the Frequency Spectrum, EQ and Compression, Loudness settings and all screens of AAMS. So you get an fast impression of how AAMS looks. AAMS saves the Audio Mastered file as a MP3 or WAV 16bit Linear or 32bit Float audio file.

 AAMS V3 - Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers and general information quickly about AAMS Auto Audio Mastering System V3. A lot of questions are answered. How AAMS works ? AAMS Analyzer and what can the user tweak the settings of AAMS ? Manual Mastering possible ? Is it possible to use AAMS DSP apart ?



AAMS Auto Audio Mastering System

The introduction towards Automatic Audio Mastering!
Get your music to sound good without a hassle with AAMS V3!

This is where AAMS steps in and takes control! 
Process any kind of music or audio, process your own music or mixes.

Download the latest AAMS V3 version Here!

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