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Install AAMS V3 on your computer. Start AAMS and go to the License Tab. Fill in your Username and see your Installcode. Copy your Username and Installcode over here (fill in below). If you did not Register AAMS before, we will send an invoice when you select 'I need an Invoice' (above). If you have made a Payment and have a Transaction ID please fill this in. To download AAMS use this link   http://www.curioza.com/AAMS.zip

Mostly we will react within the hour or within a few hours. When you have Registered or made a Payment, it can take some time to progress your payment or request. Denis, AAMS Author, www.curioza.com, sales@curioza.com

*For Paypal Payments please allow some time for processing your payment, this can take up to a few hours for Paypal to process your payment.
After Payment you can directly pass your Username and Installcode, read for exact infomation to register AAMS by reading registration details or the registration page)

Register for the AAMS V3 Full Version.

You can directly pay with PayPal or with a Credit Card.

Use button *ADD to Cart* to directly buy a AAMS V3 Registration ->  : 


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Then use the Contact Form and send in your Username / Installcode.
You will recieve a Keycode for AAMS V3 in your email.

AAMS V3 windows software is Freeware, with encouragement for the Registered Version.
You can also use the AAMS Contact Page and ask for an invoice, be sure to add your own email adres.
Without any blocking of professional options a registered and licensed user can make full Pro use of all AAMS V3 Functions!

Registration Instructions :

Follow these instructions and Send us your Registration for a License!
You need to download AAMS (www.curioza.com) from the download page.
Then open the 'AAMS.zip' file and start 'AAMS V3 Setup.exe'.
When AAMS is fully installed, start AAMS.


Goto the - License - tab inside AAMS software to register.


(1) Fill in your username,
just type any name you like (example 'Denis van der Velde')

Copy your Username and (2) Copy the Installcode.

Send your Username (1) and Installcode (2) back to sales@curioza.com

We will respond to your registration and payment by email with the corresponding keycode.

You are allready registered and you recieved the Keycode ?

Open AAMS Software, Fill in your username (1).

Fill in the Keycode (3) , for instance ' AAMS-XX-XX-XXX' (Example use your own Keycode instead).

Use the ' Registration' (4) button in the AAMS software About tab and follow instructions.

You are now a Registered and Full Professional AAMS user!

When you need a Keycode or need to send Username and Installcode, fill in the contact form.


User Review 162

I use AAMS, and it's been a huge help!
I rarely match another EQ curve exactly, but it certainly points me in the right direction.
1. When I've got things sounding pretty good in the overall mix and I'm not sure why it's not quite right, I run an EQ analysis and compare it to a commercial mix
2. As a safety feature to make sure I don't have too much bass because of my less than ideal mixing space
3. On individual tracks - if my vocal or guitar isn't quite cutting it, I'll do an EQ analysis against an isolated commercial vox or gtr, and make adjustments accordingly.

Obviously, I don't just make these adjustments without listening. The usefulness of this tool is that it gives you a starting point, so if I notice that my vocal has several db less 3K but several db more 5K, I'll start messing around with those frequencies until it sounds better in context of my mix. You have to look at it like a pro engineer taking a listen and saying, "Hmmm - sounds like there may be a bit too much 5K, and not enough 3K."

There has been a lot negative said about this type of program, but I couldn't disagree more.

AAMS has been one of the single biggest contributors to the improvement of my knowledge and the sound of my mixes!

Remora Flector




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